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  • A Special Formula for Massive Tits

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    A Special Formula for Massive Tits

    This video includes sound effects for a more realistic experience. Instructed to only use a drop a day, she unscrews the lid and releases a small amount of the liquid onto her tongue.

    “I mean, that’s just only one little drop,” Bella says to herself. She clutches at her neck and chest, “I shouldn’t have drunk that.” Her chest grows slightly and she looks down in amazement.

    Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t stop.

  • I’m So…High

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    I’m So…High

    Bella is a spoiled, rich k1d who spends her every penny on getting high. “Bottoms up,” she says placing the chewable into her mouth. “It’s a little chalkier than before.” A few seconds later, she starts to cough and choke, struggling to breathe as the tablet digests into her body.

    Bella begins to panic as her body shakes and she starts to sweat.