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  • Petite Latina Bound and Facefucked By Intruder

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  • Family Vacation: Stormy Night

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    Kitty Catherine, her brother, and their parents are on vacation. Anyways, Kitty runs to Aiden’s room and starts banging on his door. “Let me in, I’m scared!” She jumps into his bed.

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  • The Blackmail Party

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    I knew my sisters were up to something. Mom and Dad were out for the weekend, and I heard them planning a big party. I thought I’d fuck with them a little bit, “Oh, you and your friends are going to be drinking, huh?” She didn’t find the conversation to be entertaining, but I continued to record her as she went on and on about her party.

    Finally annoyed, she and my other sister tried to snatch the phone from me, but before they could get to it, I sent an email to myself with the video, and then locked my phone.

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  • My Mom is an Escort!

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    My dick was hard, I needed someone to get me off, and the last thing I wanted was some crazy bitch showing up at my place. “Mom. This was a bad time for her to show up unannounced, but Mom kept acting like she was supposed to be there.

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  • Pornstar Mommy: Making Mom My Whore

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    “What about my mom?” I asked, talking to my friend on the other line. He had to be fucking kidding me. My mom was way conservative, she was on the PTA…she wouldn’t do anything like that.

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  • Mom is Mine Now

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    Mom sat by the door…again. She was waiting for him. I didn’t want her to hurt anymore.

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  • Taboo Sex: Taking Advantage of My Mom and Sister

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    I try to be a pretty good brother. My mom has a bad habit of taking my sister out drinking. She reeked.

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  • My Sweet Son Made Me…

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    I’m terrified at what my sweet boy has become. He used to be so well-behaved, respectful…a good boy, I promise you. Maybe it’s his age, maybe the other boys are like him.

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  • I’m In Love With My Stepbrother

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    My stepbrother, Aiden, approached me. I told him about my date, and how I just wanted to clear my head. Just talking to him turns knots in my stomach. He’s perfect. He told me that I looked great, and I smiled. My date still hadn’t shown.

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  • Intruder Binds and Facefucks Businesswoman

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    The intruder removes the gag, and she begs him again. He ignores her, groping her perky chest, and rubbing his fingers against her pussy. He then pries her lips open with his fingers, and sticks his hard cock into her mouth. He chokes her with his cock, and she gags, spitting up saliva. Poor Fifi struggles in the binds.

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