• My Mom is an Escort!

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    My Mom is an Escort!

    My dick was hard, I needed someone to get me off, and the last thing I wanted was some crazy bitch showing up at my place. “Mom. This was a bad time for her to show up unannounced, but Mom kept acting like she was supposed to be there.

  • Money Hungry Whores

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    Money Hungry Whores

    “Hey, son…I need to have a talk with you,” Mom’s tone was serious as she sat down on the couch with me. My sister had barged into my room, begging for money to go out with her friends. “Well then, I guess you guys are going to suck my cock,” I said.

  • The Bound Detective

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    The Bound Detective

    Without the station’s knowledge, Detective Foxx has decided to take matters into her own hands. She knows her suspect is guilty, and she stops before his house, “I guess this is the place.” Before entering, she looks around the gate, calling for him, but gets no response. “Let me go right now!” He violently pulls her head towards him, “You’re gonna suck my fucking cock.”

    She cries and shouts at him, but he ignores her and undresses himself.

  • Blackmailing My Whore of a Mom

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    Blackmailing My Whore of a Mom

    My mom is a total whore. I didn’t always think of her like that, but she’s really pissed me off this time. He had no idea any of this was going on.