• Brother Blackmails Sister

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    Brother Blackmails Sister

    It’s early in the morning when you wake up to your sister, Bella, searching through your dad’s wallet. You watch as she slides one of his credit cards into her pocket and leaves the room.

    Completely unaware that you’ve seen her, she smiles when she comes back from a fun day of spending Dad’s money. When you bring it up, she denies it, but when you threaten to tell Dad, her expression changes.

    “You really actually saw me?” she asks with a concerned look on her face.

  • Empress Little Mina and Aiden Valentine – The Nerd’s Revenge

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    Empress Little Mina and Aiden Valentine – The Nerd’s Revenge

    Poor Aiden is a nerd who gets taken advantage of by his preppy, cheerleader classmate, Mina. After six months of doing Mina’s homework and getting nothing in return, Aiden has decided to say something. “You’ve been doing it for so long that there’s no reason to stop,” she says to him smiling.

  • Money Hungry Whores

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    Money Hungry Whores

    “Hey, son…I need to have a talk with you,” Mom’s tone was serious as she sat down on the couch with me. My sister had barged into my room, begging for money to go out with her friends. “Well then, I guess you guys are going to suck my cock,” I said.

  • Blackmailing a Stealing Sister

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    Blackmailing a Stealing Sister

    My sister, Krystal, acts like such a goody two-shoes around my parents, but I know better. She always seems to have extra money, even when she’s spent the last of her allowance. “What are you going to do about it?” she said.