• Mesmerized Sister Gets Fucked feat. Nadia White

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    Mesmerized Sister Gets Fucked feat. Nadia White

  • Meet the Entranced Family

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    Meet the Entranced Family

    Your girlfriend, Fifi, stands in front of you – her big, blue eyes giving you a concerned look, and her hands fidgeting nervously. She’s been talking about this day with you for weeks, and now it was finally here – it was the day she had planned for you to meet her mom. “Honestly – I mean, no offense, you are not good enough for my daughter,” Mom finally says.

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  • Brainwashed to Love

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    Brainwashed to Love

    She faces the ring towards her own face. The ring glows, now working, and a big smile appears on Nyxon’s face. She accidentally just put the love spell on herself!

    She giggles, now the mesmerized girl is helplessly in love with Aiden, and shly says, “Hi…I have a secret to tell you…I’m in love with you!” She tells him that she’ll do absolutely anything that he tells her to do, or anything to prove her love for him.

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  • Girl In Trace Virtual Sex – May I Have This Dance?

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    Girl In Trace Virtual Sex – May I Have This Dance?

    “That was a really nice time out,” Whitney smiles at Aiden after being taken out to a nice dinner. I mean, it’s a nice way to just unwind and relax,” Whitney sweetly says, but is soon distracted by Aiden’s arm around her. She tries to ignore it, but Aiden continues his advances, causing Whitney to have to reject him multiple times.

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  • All You Need is Love…in a Tiny Bottle for the Perfect Affair

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    All You Need is Love…in a Tiny Bottle for the Perfect Affair

    Terra is perfect. She’s sweet, charming, and god, she’s beautiful. You’ve been seeing her for a year now, and she’s well-aware that you’re married.

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  • The New Hire

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    The New Hire

    Terra’s eyes narrow at the computer screen in front of her, her red, long nails pressing against the plain keyboard. She just started a new job, and is desperately trying to follow the training program that she’s been left with. Aiden is notorious for his sexual harassment around the office, but because he’s the boss, none of the female employees have said anything to HR in fear of losing their jobs.

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  • Controlled Affection

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    Controlled Affection

    After a long day of work, the only thing I want is affection from my wife. I’m not one of those needy guys that need their significant other to make them dinner, and I don’t need to hear about how hard I work to keep things running. She didn’t care, but it was part of her daily routine to make it look like she gave a fuck.

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  • Product Testing

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    Product Testing

    Fifi has convinced her best friend, Constance, to participate in a clinical trial with her for some quick, easy, extra cash. After being called into the office, the researcher introduces himself to the two girls, shaking their hands, and begins explaining his product. Fifi smiles at Constance, telling her that she wants to pick the same formula as her since she isn’t sure how she’s going to react.

    After downing the whole test tube, the researcher begins jotting down any side effects that the women are experiencing.

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  • But We’re Vegan!

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    But We’re Vegan!

    “Aiden – are you gonna come or not. We wanna start this movie,” Fifi hollers out to her roommate. He apologizes, telling them he wanted something to eat during the movie, and then takes a bite of his sandwich.

    The girls look at him in disgust, and Fifi rudely blurts out, “What did we say about that?” Aiden raises his eyebrows, but he is well aware that his roommates, Velma and Fifi, are vegan, and that they try to push their beliefs on anyone and everything.

    “It’s not even judging you – it’s just gross to eat meat, and you know that,” Velma blabs, but Aiden doesn’t give in this time.

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  • Bros Before Hoes

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    Bros Before Hoes

    Right, I should probably tell you who she is first – I’m already getting carried away. Sandra is this gorgeous, petite, Russian model that my best friend, Shaun, is dating. He’s really into her, and they’ve been dating for quite some time, but something isn’t right about her.

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  • A Love Distraction

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    A Love Distraction

    You hide around the corner to listen to Mom’s conversation with her boyfriend. Although you’ve tried to “bond” with him under your mom’s orders, you’ve never really cared for him, or any of the guys she’s dated in the past. It’s supposed to be a love spell – just something temporary to keep your mom distracted from her boyfriend.

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  • Classical Conditioning

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    Classical Conditioning

    Day 1 – My Sister

    I’m at the top of my class. Surely there must be some way to train someone’s brain the way we want.

    I called for my sister, and when she walked in, rang the bell (unconditioned stimulus). After an embarrassing, failed attempt, she started calling for my mom, and I panicked.

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