Face Licking

  • Girlfriend’s Face Licking Torture

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    Alexis is tired of her boyfriend, Aiden, hogging up the TV. She grabs the remote from him, and they begin fighting over which channel they’re going to watch.

    Alexis gets the upper hand, pinning him down, but instead of just grabbing the remote, she spits on his face. She slides her juicy, thick tongue all over his face, glazing it with her gross, smelly saliva.

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  • Face Licking and Spit Punishment for Brother

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    Being the favorite k1d of the bunch, Aiden never gets in trouble while his two sisters, Bella and Fifi, are always getting grounded.

    Knowing how much of a kiss-ass and fake he really is, the sisters decide to give him a disgusting, smelly punishment. They run their wet tongues in full strides against his face, layering it with their gross saliva.

    Aiden threatens to tell their parents which only causes them to get more disgusting.

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  • Tongue and Spit Punishment for Panty Thief Brother

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    I’ve had enough. This was the last pair of panties I was going to find in my brother’s room. I got over top of him and ran my tongue hard against his face.

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  • Threesome Turns Into Facelicking Torment For Victim

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    Unfortunately for him, they continue to glaze his face with their gross saliva. He closes his eyes, and one of the girls locks his chin into place with her hand. They spit huge balls of saliva right onto his face, and then smile as the wad runs down his skin.

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  • Tongue Torment: 2 Girls Coat Victim’s Face With Their Slimy Tongues

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    Samantha and Sunny take turns running their thick tongues against his face, leaving a trail of saliva with each lick. They continue to torment him, smiling, and he closes his eyes, afraid to move. Samantha runs her tongue all the way up to his forehead, and comments on his soaked hair.

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  • Glazing His Face With Her Tongue

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    Aiden and Fifi are extremely horny, undressing one another as they make-out. His kisses aren’t enough. She wants a little more than his mouth.

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