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  • My Pet Piggies

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    My Pet Piggies

    So, what should we do with them, darling. We could force-feed them, plump them up…they could be our little piggies. We’ll start off with some funnel feeding and a nice, sugary, weight gain shake.

  • Force-Feeding for a Fatty Boyfriend

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    Force-Feeding for a Fatty Boyfriend

    Reenaye thinks she’s found the perfect guy. When he unlocks his door, he is greeted by Reenaye, who then spins his body around and chl0roforms him. She unbuttons his shirt, “I know you said I was too fat to date you, but I figured if we’re both fat, then we can date, right?”

    She fantasizes about making his body huge and immobile, “Look at you, you’re making a mess.