• Terra Mizu Fembot Faceoff: Date Wants To Fuck You

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  • Fucking All My Circuits: Kitanabot Upgraded

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  • crystal clark fembot

    Replacing My Wife With a Replicant


    I love my wife, but we just fight so much. Last night again she wants to talk about “her feelings.” That’s great and all, but when it’s sexy time I mean business. She drops down to her knees, looks up a me, looks down a my cock.

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  • fembot faceoff

    Mombot: The New Boyfriend


    Your mom, Nyxon, has been the best mother a kid could ask for. She’s always at your baseball games, makes the best apple pie, and even bought you a car for your graduation present. It feels strange calling her by her first name.

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  • Sexbot.exe Upgrade Goes Wrong with Fembot Terra Mizu

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    He examines the fembot and lays her down onto the exam table. He places her new chip on her chest between her big tits. Just a temporary fix until a proper chip can be surgically installed into the fembot units.

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  • Stripperbot Gets Repaired And Fucked feat. Kitana Kojima

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    He has a work order for a broken stripperbot which had malfunctioned. He shuts her down so he can carefully place her new chip onto her. Then hops onto his lap and grinds against his cock hard.

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  • The Work Assistant

    Sale! $15.99 $14.99

    This clip is packed with special effects and sound effects. A great deal of time was spent on the video, and we consider it to be one of our best for this category.

    An infomercial plays on the TV in Aiden’s hotel:

    On average, workers spend 8 hours a day at work, 8 hours sleeping, and the rest is YOUR time. Confused how she works, he says a simple command, “Power on,” and her eyes flutter.

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  • Malfunctioning…Strippers?!

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    POV is the best man to his best friend’s wedding. Intending to give the groom a bachelor party to remember, he orders two strippers to dance for the group of boys.

    However, because POV is so determined to make sure everything goes perfect, he has the two ladies show up a week before the big party. “Mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-fun-ction,” Fifi stutters as her body moves uncontrollably.

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  • The Robot Companion

    Sale! $19.99 $18.99

    Aiden is a lonely scientist who has developed his own loyal companion. Throughout the years, the scientist began to develop feelings for the artificial intelligence beyond his control.

    Being committed to the relationship with the fembot, he treats her like a girlfriend, and has come back from celebrating their anniversary. He tells her to lie down on the table, which she is happy to do for him, and then strips her down.

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  • The Perfect, Robot Wife: Obedient, Mindless, and Controlled

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    My wife used to be amazing. Over the years, it’s almost like she’s turned hostile towards me. I work, I pay all of the bills, but when I ask her to do something simple, like make me dinner, she goes on a huge rant.

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  • A Robot Family

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    Growing up, I had trouble fitting in with my family. Of course, there were some things that were different. I took out my remote control and hit the cleaning mode, “Cleaning mode activated.” Mombot grabbed the swiffer to mop, and I told Sisterbot to grab the rags.

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  • Programming Perfection: My StepSon Deserves The Best

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    BellaBot was obedient, replying, “Yes, Master” after every command. I continued to instruct and supervise her, but saw something my StepSon might question. Her slow, jagged movements were obvious, and I didn’t want my StepSon to suspect a thing. I had a new task for her; I wanted her to mimic my human-like movements. The way I moved my arms, my legs, even my hips–she needed to really sell herself to my boy.

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