• Caught Redhanded: Family Double Handjob

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    Caught Redhanded: Family Double Handjob

    My stepbrother, Aiden, and I have a bad habit of fooling around. I know, I know…it probably sounds disgusting, or morally wrong, but we’re young. She was completely taken back.

  • Training My Stepmom and Stepsister

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    Training My Stepmom and Stepsister

    Their heads stayed down, eyes closed, and they remained lifeless until I activated them. Once I did, they lifted their heads, opened their eyes, stared straight ahead, and waited for my command. I made Stepmom face me, and get down on her knees, and then called for my stepsister. She responded with a “Yes, Master,” and proceeded to do the same.

  • Mommy’s Family Threesome

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    Mommy’s Family Threesome

    Ever since Mom and Dad’s divorce, Mom has been lying around, depressed and unmotivated. The cable’s been shut off, and now someone’s knocking on the front door. My brother and I yelled for Mom to get it, hoping she would get out of bed, but she didn’t move.

  • Family Time Double Footjob

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    Family Time Double Footjob

    We moved our feet in different ways, stroking and playing with his hard cock. My stepbrother looked like he was in heaven. I kept seeing pre-cum ooze from his cock, and I had to touch it. I stretched it out on my finger, and giggled with stepmom. Stepmom asked if she should get some lube, and when she was gone, I stroked my stepbrother with the sides of my feet.

  • Double Footjob On My Stepbrother’s Cock With Stepmom

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    Double Footjob On My Stepbrother’s Cock With Stepmom

    Stepmom and I even helped each other out. I would hold his cock with the sole of my foot, and Stepmom would use hers to stroke him. We took turns exploring his cock with every part of our feet. I’ve never seen my stepbrother so desperate to cum before.