Gag Talk

  • Hang in There, Detective

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    In a desperate attempt to talk to her suspect, she waits until dark to catch him at home. He comes up behind her and places a chl0roform rag over her nose and mouth. Her eyes roll and flutter, and she falls limp into his arms.

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  • Bound and Face-fucked in the Stalker’s Garage

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    An over obsessive man has been admiring Fifi for quite some time now. Without her knowledge, he’s finally found out where she lives and plans on approaching her for the first time. Unfortunately for the young blond, his encounter won’t be ideal.

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  • Bound Slave Serves Her Master’s Cock

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    He presses her head further down onto his cock, and she gags, panting for air. She continues obediently, and Master guides her head, making her bob up and down. After a little while, he controls her head, making her suck faster and deeper.

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  • Closet Bound: POV Rope Bondage Blowjob

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    As she coughs from deepthroating his cock, he continues to jam his cock into her mouth. The makeup around her eyes is running down her cheeks. She begins running her tongue and mouth over his cock on her own, attempting to please her master.

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  • Sexy Chick Self Gag With Her Panties And Duct Tape

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    with a little striptease, of course.” She begins stripping sensually, taking her lingerie off, as she teases you with her body. Come on, stroke it for me.” Your girlfriend stuffs her thong into her mouth, and continues to tell you to stroke your cock for her. “Harder, faster.” Now, her voice is even more muffled, and she tells you to stroke your cock, as she attempts to speak through the gag.

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