• The Blond Knockout

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    Instead of joining the party outside, Fifi has decided to sit by herself, and enjoy some of the refreshments provided by the hosts. She likes her own company, but is soon joined by an older woman who finds her extremely attractive. She smiles at the blond, introducing herself as Leilani, and makes small talk, leaving Fifi shy and awkward.

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  • Intruder Binds and Facefucks Businesswoman

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    The intruder removes the gag, and she begs him again. He ignores her, groping her perky chest, and rubbing his fingers against her pussy. He then pries her lips open with his fingers, and sticks his hard cock into her mouth. He chokes her with his cock, and she gags, spitting up saliva. Poor Fifi struggles in the binds.

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  • Closet Bound: POV Rope Bondage Blowjob

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    As she coughs from deepthroating his cock, he continues to jam his cock into her mouth. The makeup around her eyes is running down her cheeks. She begins running her tongue and mouth over his cock on her own, attempting to please her master.

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