getting fatter

  • Vanessa Davis

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    Vanessa Davis

    This is Vanessa’s first ever weigh-in and measurement clip. Vanessa is pleased as she runs her fingers against her bigger belly, thick fat rolls, and plump body. Excited to see how fat she has gotten, Vanessa decides to take some measurements and weigh-in on the scale.

  • Georgia Peach

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    Georgia Peach

    I’d love to make my body even more voluptuous with bigger and fuller tits. I’ve seen those enormous women that have these beautiful, huge thighs that rub together when they walk – it’s just so sexy. And those nice, pudgy, round, overflowing bellies – that’s the type of belly I want.

  • Georgia Peach Fat Girl Weigh Gain

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    Georgia Peach Fat Girl Weigh Gain

    Georgia is excited to finally have some alone time with you. She smiles sweetly as she tells you all about the new lingerie she’s bought. “I just noticed that everything seems a little small…it seems to have a little bit of a spillage,” she says blushing.

    Georgia bounces up and down, showing off her overflowing body in her tight dress.

  • Gia Love

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    Gia Love

    Gia is ecstatic when she gets off the phone – she’s got an unexpected date. It’s been forever since she’s gone out, so she happily searches through her drawers for something nice to wear. Her big belly bulges and her fat butt pops out.

  • Curvy Quinn

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    Curvy Quinn

    So, I’ve been thinking…and I really want to get fatter. I know I’m pretty fat now, but I could easily get to 400 or 500. I want you to help me, to feed me…to the point where I can’t move off of this couch, to where I can’t see my feet anymore.

  • Jane Colburn

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    Jane Colburn

    My big belly hangs over my pants, and it’s only going to get bigger, bigger, and bigger. I want to be bigger…I want more. I’m just going to keep eating and getting fatter.

  • Fat Like Me!: Sensual Force-Feeding for a Fatter Body

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    Fat Like Me!: Sensual Force-Feeding for a Fatter Body

    This clip offers a sensual encouragement and feeding to gain weight. “We’re going to get you nice and fat…just like me,” Quinn said, smiling. Quinn rubbed my stomach, “We want this belly to get nice and big.” She continued to feed me bite after bite, and I was already getting so stuffed.