• Step Son Helps Impregnate Mom

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    Step Son Helps Impregnate Mom

    “Hey,” Mom said rubbing her son’s arm, “there’s something I want to talk to you about.” She had a concerned look on her face as she down on Aiden’s bed. She explained that Dad was about to get fixed, and even though she wanted to have another k1d, he was done. “Have you talked to him about it?” he asked, but Mom had – multiple times, actually.

  • Mom is Mine Now

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    Mom is Mine Now

    Mom sat by the door…again. She was waiting for him. I didn’t want her to hurt anymore.

  • Grandma’s Initiation

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    Grandma’s Initiation

    It was my 18th birthday, and I couldn’t be any more excited. I was even more excited when Mom told me that Grandma had a present for me. She told me to head over to her house, and I rushed to get my clothes on.

  • Blackmailing StepMommy

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    Blackmailing StepMommy

    I was rummaging through the old, boxed stuff in the attic when I came across Stepmommy’s little secret. I could have sworn that the picture on the cover looked just like her, so I threw it into the DVD player, and started watching it. She immediately dropped the laundry basket, and tried to grab the remote from my hand.

  • Mommy’s Family Threesome

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    Mommy’s Family Threesome

    Ever since Mom and Dad’s divorce, Mom has been lying around, depressed and unmotivated. The cable’s been shut off, and now someone’s knocking on the front door. My brother and I yelled for Mom to get it, hoping she would get out of bed, but she didn’t move.

  • Double Footjob On My Stepbrother’s Cock With Stepmom

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    Double Footjob On My Stepbrother’s Cock With Stepmom

    Stepmom and I even helped each other out. I would hold his cock with the sole of my foot, and Stepmom would use hers to stroke him. We took turns exploring his cock with every part of our feet. I’ve never seen my stepbrother so desperate to cum before.