• Husband to Wife MTF Gender Transformation and Fucked with a Strapon

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    “Why are the dishes not done?” Alexis says to her husband, Aiden, who has been sitting on the computer for hours. Alexis is tired of her husband’s lazy behavior, and even more fed up with cleaning up after a grown man. “The kitchen is a mess.” In an attempt to defend himself, Aiden rants about how hard it is to work so many hours, and then eventually says, “You have no idea how hard it is to be a guy.” Alexis follows up with the same argument, and Aiden argues it’s easy to be a woman, and after a minute or so, Alexis gets mad and walks out.

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  • Mom & Daughter’s Webcam Show

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    Fifi is a webcam model without her mom’s knowledge. Excited, Fifi pats the bed and tells her to come sit down.

    “And people are tipping us, so we’re making money!” Fifi explains to her mom. Mom shyly waves at the camera, and after a few seconds, one of Fifi’s chat room members wants a private.

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  • My Niece is an Escort!?

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    Payton is a business woman who frequently stays at a hotel away from her husband. After having a couple glasses of wine, she picks up the phone and calls an escort agency. A few hours later, her escort, Fifi, knocks on the glass door, and Payton sweetly says, “It’s open, babe, come in.” Fifi closes the door behind her, and when she turns around, sees her aunt looking back at her.

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  • The 2 Girl Pie Party

    Sale! $14.99 $13.99

    Fifi is the maid to an extremely wealthy, ill-mannered woman. Because Payton is having a huge party, she’s asked Fifi to bake her 48 pies for her guests. Payton ignores her request, and instead, blows smoke into her face from her cigarette.

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  • 10 Girl Orgy

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    Once Maxine comes around the corner, she is overwhelmed to see a group of girls sitting in front of her. There was a total of four cameras used to film this video. This video includes: making out, french kissing, licking, spit swapping, tit and nipple licking/sucking, dildo sucking, strap-on sex, masturbation, assisted masturbation, pussy eating, finger fucking, clit rubbing, forced orgasms, double Hitachi, squirting, anal masturbation, assisted anal masturbation, ass licking, scissoring, orgy, lesbian, girl-girl, girl-girl-girl, spanking f/f, heel fucking, shoe fucking, garter, pantyhose, toys, Hitachi play, tribadism, xxx hardcore, moaning, orgasms, big butts, big boobs, duel masturbation, POV.

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  • The Pie Treatment: 48 Pies for Flawless, Glowing Skin!

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    “So, you heard about our new treatment…are you excited?” Fifi asks, walking around her new, anxious client. “This isn’t on the market yet,” she tells Whitney. She walks off to the table, grabs a creampie, and then smashes it into Whtiney’s face.

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  • The Pleasures of Pantyhose: Pussy Eating with My Girlfriend

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    My girlfriend and I share a unique fetish. We love the feel of thick pantyhose on our bodies, but better yet, feeling it on one another’s body. I ran my fingers down her hose, and softly brushed my fingertips across her pussy.

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