Girl on Girl

  • I Turned My Husband Into A Woman

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    He continued to look down at his new body, confused at what had occurred. “I sound like a girl. Oh my god, am I a girl right now? …What did you do?” I knew it would take some time for him to adjust, so I told him to stand up and get acquainted with his body. I convinced him to touch his chest, and he actually squeezed his big tits! I think he got more excited as he saw how beautiful his body really was. I playfully grabbed his ass, laughing at how big and round it was.

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  • 19 yo Petite Lesbians Sensually Kissing In Hot Tub

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    She tastes so good as I rub my tongue against hers, and run my hands across her neck and cheeks. The steam from the hot tub heats our bodies, and I move the wet hair from my face.

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