• Just a Little Crush

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    Just a Little Crush

    Nyxon has a huge crush on her nerdy classmate, Aiden. Whenever she can manage to squeeze in extra time with him, she doesn’t waste the opportunity. As Nyxon is studying the remote, she hears a knock on the door, and then hears Aiden holler from the other room, “Come in!” Fifi walks in, another one of Nyxon’s classmates, and Nyxon gives her a dirty look, “Why are you here?”

    The girls hate each other, well-aware of one another’s crush on Aiden.

  • But We’re Vegan!

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    But We’re Vegan!

    “Aiden – are you gonna come or not. We wanna start this movie,” Fifi hollers out to her roommate. He apologizes, telling them he wanted something to eat during the movie, and then takes a bite of his sandwich.

    The girls look at him in disgust, and Fifi rudely blurts out, “What did we say about that?” Aiden raises his eyebrows, but he is well aware that his roommates, Velma and Fifi, are vegan, and that they try to push their beliefs on anyone and everything.

    “It’s not even judging you – it’s just gross to eat meat, and you know that,” Velma blabs, but Aiden doesn’t give in this time.

  • The Magic Remote

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    The Magic Remote

    Aiden (POV) happily walks over to his sister, Fifi, and her best friend, Nyxon, complaining about the “valley girls” at their school. “Wanna see what it does?” he asks the two girls.

    Fifi responds with a snobby “No,” and the two girls continue their conversation, ignoring Aiden as he stands in front of them and waves his control.

  • The Frozen Getaway

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    The Frozen Getaway

    Whitney and Fifi are on a mini getaway. When they enter their hotel room, they laugh at the half-made bed, and notice the tiny toy guns on the table next to them.

    Fifi picks up the red and blue guns and points them in the air, “They probably make some stupid sound.” She points the blue gun at Whitney in a playful way, “Hands up!” Whitney plays along, but when Fifi pulls the toy trigger, Whitney actually freezes into place!

    “That’s really funny. Fifi points the red gun at her, and Whitney unfreezes, completely disoriented and confused about what’s happened.

  • The Super Bowl Bet

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    The Super Bowl Bet

    Fifi is gloating about a big Super Bowl bet she won. “It’s time to pay up,” she says to her friend Terra. “Why do you think I have all of these pies here?” Having forgot that part of the bet, Terra is reluctant, “You mean I have to get pied 30 times in the face?” Fifi explains that she will only be pieing her 15 times, which makes Terra happy, but then tells her that she has to pie herself 15 times as well.

  • Controlling the Babysitter

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    Controlling the Babysitter

    Whenever Mom leaves, she sticks me with a babysitter. At least my babysitter is hot.

  • The 2 Girl Pie Party

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    The 2 Girl Pie Party

    Fifi is the maid to an extremely wealthy, ill-mannered woman. Because Payton is having a huge party, she’s asked Fifi to bake her 48 pies for her guests. Payton ignores her request, and instead, blows smoke into her face from her cigarette.

  • The Pie Treatment: 48 Pies for Flawless, Glowing Skin!

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    The Pie Treatment: 48 Pies for Flawless, Glowing Skin!

    “So, you heard about our new treatment…are you excited?” Fifi asks, walking around her new, anxious client. “This isn’t on the market yet,” she tells Whitney. She walks off to the table, grabs a creampie, and then smashes it into Whtiney’s face.

  • Magic Hands

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    Magic Hands

    However, she’s tired of not being in the spotlight when she thinks she’s beyond worthy. After several spins, the wand sparks and hits Constance’s hand, causing her to drop it. After a few seconds, her hands start moving out of her control.