Lap Dance

  • Controlled Affection

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    After a long day of work, the only thing I want is affection from my wife. I’m not one of those needy guys that need their significant other to make them dinner, and I don’t need to hear about how hard I work to keep things running. She didn’t care, but it was part of her daily routine to make it look like she gave a fuck.

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  • Bros Before Hoes

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    Right, I should probably tell you who she is first – I’m already getting carried away. Sandra is this gorgeous, petite, Russian model that my best friend, Shaun, is dating. He’s really into her, and they’ve been dating for quite some time, but something isn’t right about her.

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  • Malfunctioning…Strippers?!

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    POV is the best man to his best friend’s wedding. Intending to give the groom a bachelor party to remember, he orders two strippers to dance for the group of boys.

    However, because POV is so determined to make sure everything goes perfect, he has the two ladies show up a week before the big party. “Mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-fun-ction,” Fifi stutters as her body moves uncontrollably.

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  • Lap Dance Handjob

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    I walk into the room to tease my boyfriend with my sexy lingerie, and high heel shoes. I sit on his lap, and begin to thrust my hips back and forth–grinding his dick to make it hard. I turn around, unbuttoning my small vest, and continue to grind his cock–teasing him with body.

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