• Wrong Way: Nyxon Has Her Body Taken Over By Mr. Valentine

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  • Girlfriend Switches Bodies With Her Boyfriend

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  • Terra Mizu Swaps Bodies With Her Brother

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  • Husband to Wife MTF Gender Transformation and Fucked with a Strapon

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    “Why are the dishes not done?” Alexis says to her husband, Aiden, who has been sitting on the computer for hours. Alexis is tired of her husband’s lazy behavior, and even more fed up with cleaning up after a grown man. “The kitchen is a mess.” In an attempt to defend himself, Aiden rants about how hard it is to work so many hours, and then eventually says, “You have no idea how hard it is to be a guy.” Alexis follows up with the same argument, and Aiden argues it’s easy to be a woman, and after a minute or so, Alexis gets mad and walks out.

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  • Face Swap…Wait, Body Swap!?

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    “Is it just me, or am I…looking at myself?” Aiden says confused. He runs his hands through Nyxon’s hair, and Nyxon places her hand on Aiden’s face. “What did your stupid app do?” Aiden (who is actually Nyxon) says frustrated. “I’m in YOUR body right now.” Rather than stress out about it, Aiden, now in Nyxon’s body, looks down to see tits. “Ohhhh, boobs!” he says grabbing at Nyxon’s perky chest.

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  • Accidental Body Swap Mom and Son Sex


    “Fuck, you have my dick! I want it back!” Aiden hollers, and Mom is upset to see that her son is now in control of her entire body – boobs, pussy…all of it. They realize how ridiculous they look in their regular clothes, so they split up to find something more appealing for their new bodies.

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  • Mom And Son Body Switch MTF

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    Aiden is a young man who is starting to get really curious about the female body. His mother is single and doesn’t know how to have “the talk” with him. His mom gets noticeably uncomfortable, and Aiden laughs about it, already aware of how she’s going to respond.

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  • The Dating Site

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    Nikki has given in and decided to join a new dating website. She browses the endless profiles of singles around her area, and is surprised to find a couple of attractive guys that seem to fit her needs.

    She smiles at her too good to be true find, and decides to send him a message, “How are you doing today?” Things seem to be off to a good start until the man on the other end asks her for nudes. All of a sudden, her eyes start fluttering and her head shakes, forcing her head up, and something takes over her body.

    “You gonna report me.

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  • The Real Estate Agent’s Handsy Situation

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    Nikki Brooks is a real estate agent who profits on flipping houses. When she hears about a beautiful, cheap property that nobody has swooped up, she jumps on the opportunity. When Nikki enters her newly owned house, she is surprised to see that the house is flawless.

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  • The Valentine’s Day Body Swap – Akira Shell and Aiden Valentine


    It was Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d have a little fun with my sister…as my sister. I had bought a cheap post card, scribbled on a generic “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and then laid down a piece of candy on it that said “Eat me.”

    Simple and easy. Her mood changed as she saw that she had a “secret admirer,” and she started smiling at the half-assed card.

    “Ooooo, I’ve got some pervy secret admirer that snuck into my room,” she said as she unwrapped the candy.

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  • The New Me: Male to Female Transformation

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    I wasn’t happy. It was easy.

    I went to bed, hopeful and eager for this new product to work, and closed my eyes. I assumed I had slept in a weird position, and it took me a minute to stretch out.

    I pulled down the covers, and saw what, I thought, looked like two big mounds in front of me.

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  • I Swapped Bodies with My Younger Sister!


    When is Mom going to get the cable back?” I said to my sister. It was storming pretty bad outside, and there was nothing to do. “What-What’d you do.

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