Male Domination

  • My New Family: Making My Stepsister My Whore

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    My New Family: Making My Stepsister My Whore

    When my mom got re-married, I wasn’t too thrilled. Not only did I have a new stepdad, but a new stepsister that came along with the whole ordeal.

    Rose was around my age. I remember coming up the stairs to hear her bragging to her friends on the phone about how much cock she sucked.

  • The Perverted Couple

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    The Perverted Couple

    In a desperate attempt to find a good paying job, Alex has answered a babysitting ad posted by a married couple. Although she hasn’t had a job for a year, she is hopeful that her babysitting experience will be enough to get the gig.

    Unfortunately for Alex, the odd, married couple can hear the desperation in her voice and decide to take advantage of it – to prey upon it. Alex is hesitant when the couple tells her to take off her shirt, and she nervously covers up.

  • Dad’s Sex Punishment

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    Dad’s Sex Punishment

    “Fuck, what did you get on your report card?” Fifi asks her best friend, Mina. Both girls have been failing all of their classes, and Fifi is worried that the school has called her dad about it. When Fifi hears a loud, hard knock at the door, she panics and tells Mina to hide.

  • Stuck at His Disposal

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    Stuck at His Disposal

    Please select “preview” underneath the GIF to see the HD quality of the video. I heard my mom call for me from inside the kitchen. Are you hard?” I asked him.

  • Breaking into the Wrong House: Forced to Strip, Suck Cock, and Fuck

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    Breaking into the Wrong House: Forced to Strip, Suck Cock, and Fuck

    Mina told me about this guy who keeps his door unlocked at night. She said we could really get some good stuff if we were quiet. An older man stood in front of us, hitting a bat against his hand, “What are you doing in my house?” We lied, claiming we went to the wrong house, saying anything we could to try and save our asses.

  • The Bound Detective

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    The Bound Detective

    Without the station’s knowledge, Detective Foxx has decided to take matters into her own hands. She knows her suspect is guilty, and she stops before his house, “I guess this is the place.” Before entering, she looks around the gate, calling for him, but gets no response. “Let me go right now!” He violently pulls her head towards him, “You’re gonna suck my fucking cock.”

    She cries and shouts at him, but he ignores her and undresses himself.

  • Blackmailing My Whore of a Mom

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    Blackmailing My Whore of a Mom

    My mom is a total whore. I didn’t always think of her like that, but she’s really pissed me off this time. He had no idea any of this was going on.

  • Mom is Mine Now

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    Mom is Mine Now

    Mom sat by the door…again. She was waiting for him. I didn’t want her to hurt anymore.

  • Forced Anal on Virgin Asshole (Real First Time Anal)

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    Forced Anal on Virgin Asshole (Real First Time Anal)

    Fifi stays on a routine schedule. When she’s done working, she goes out to a local park to exercise and jog. After a tiring workout, she comes home to see her roommate standing in front of her.

  • Bound and Face-fucked in the Stalker’s Garage

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    Bound and Face-fucked in the Stalker’s Garage

    An over obsessive man has been admiring Fifi for quite some time now. Without her knowledge, he’s finally found out where she lives and plans on approaching her for the first time. Unfortunately for the young blond, his encounter won’t be ideal.

  • Limp Authority: Controlling My Daughter

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    Limp Authority: Controlling My Daughter

    It wasn’t…right for me to take this type of drastic measure with my daughter. I just wanted her to listen to me. Now that my daughter is getting older, she has become disobedient and out of control.

  • Punishing the Cheating Girlfriend

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    Punishing the Cheating Girlfriend

    Your girlfriend has been lying to you, and you’ve had enough, so you wait for her to come home so you can catch her. She’s been cheating on you, and is surprised to see you standing by the door when she walks in. “Were you waiting for me?…” You tell her to come in, and when you ask where she’s been, she tells you at a friend’s house.