• Girl In Trace Virtual Sex – May I Have This Dance?

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    “That was a really nice time out,” Whitney smiles at Aiden after being taken out to a nice dinner. I mean, it’s a nice way to just unwind and relax,” Whitney sweetly says, but is soon distracted by Aiden’s arm around her. She tries to ignore it, but Aiden continues his advances, causing Whitney to have to reject him multiple times.

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  • The New Hire

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    Terra’s eyes narrow at the computer screen in front of her, her red, long nails pressing against the plain keyboard. She just started a new job, and is desperately trying to follow the training program that she’s been left with. Aiden is notorious for his sexual harassment around the office, but because he’s the boss, none of the female employees have said anything to HR in fear of losing their jobs.

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  • Classical Conditioning

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    Day 1 – My Sister

    I’m at the top of my class. Surely there must be some way to train someone’s brain the way we want.

    I called for my sister, and when she walked in, rang the bell (unconditioned stimulus). After an embarrassing, failed attempt, she started calling for my mom, and I panicked.

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  • Uncontrollable Love: TV Training for a Perfect Sister

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    It was another one of their date nights where my sister and I were stuck house-sitting. She wanted to play War instead. She’s got big blue eyes, blond hair, and a curvy body.

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  • The Brainwashing Cheat Code: Making Your Sister Listen

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    My sister is beautiful. She’s got long blond hair, big pouty lips, and perky tits. I knew it would hurt to tell her this…I didn’t want to, but Jade was my sister, and I loved her.

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  • The Perfect, Robot Wife: Obedient, Mindless, and Controlled

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    My wife used to be amazing. Over the years, it’s almost like she’s turned hostile towards me. I work, I pay all of the bills, but when I ask her to do something simple, like make me dinner, she goes on a huge rant.

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