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  • The Alternative Solution

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    The Alternative Solution

    Rather than go to class, Luna and Nyxon have been skipping to go smoke behind the school building. After being given detentions every day and their attitudes not changing, the principal decides he better have a stern talk with them if they want to get through the year. “Alright, girls – do you know why I called you in here today?” Mr.

  • Get Naked…for the Environment

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    Get Naked…for the Environment

    “Ugh, who is it?” Aiden says to himself as he walks to the front door. “Hi, I wanted to talk to you about global warming,” she begins saying, but Aiden is in no mood nor interested in what she has to say. He closes the door on her, but she wedges her clipboard into the crack to prevent him from closing it.

  • A Friendly, Naked Competition

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    A Friendly, Naked Competition

    “Nyxon, Fifi…I’m ready for you here in my office,” Aiden shouts out to his employees. The two professional, intelligent, dedicated, driven women smile as they greet their boss and take a seat in his office.

    “Do you guys know what I have right here?” he says dropping their employee files in front of them. “Do you have any idea what I was doing today?” He tells the two ladies that it has come across his attention that they are overdue for a raise.