Nerdy Girls

  • How I Became Her

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    I suppose you could say I’m awkward. Don’t get me started on my obsession with Harley Quinn. That’s me.

    There’s another other side of me, though.

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  • The Secret Taboo Relationship: One More Time…

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    “Hey, brother,” your sister shyly says, her finger wrapped around her hair. “I miss you sometimes…you’re away a lot,” she continues. When you came back, you were expecting to do all those things again, but now she’s trying to push you away.

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  • The Full Moon Sexpot

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    After a long week of work, you thought it might be fun to go out and get a couple of drinks. Your heart is racing when she smiles at you, “I had so much fun on our date tonight. I’m going to give you a night that you’re never, ever going to forget.” Her voice is seductive and almost hypn0tizing.

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  • Tricked Art Student Gets Hogtied And Facefucked Hard

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    A nervous, socially awkward girl has been paired with another one of her fellow art classmates in order to make an art project. She thanks him, as he invites her into his home, and tells him that she really loves his paintings and drawings. As he ties her, she mentions that she is really glad that they could come up with such an amazing idea to express the female form.

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  • Nerdy Girl Gives Amazing Blowjob And Receives Unexpected Oral Creampie

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    Sexy nerdy girl wearing a geeky t-shirt and glasses does a super sexy tease. She then gets down onto her knees and gives an amazing sloppy blowjob.

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