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  • My New Family: Making My Stepsister My Whore

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    My New Family: Making My Stepsister My Whore

    When my mom got re-married, I wasn’t too thrilled. Not only did I have a new stepdad, but a new stepsister that came along with the whole ordeal.

    Rose was around my age. I remember coming up the stairs to hear her bragging to her friends on the phone about how much cock she sucked.

  • Mom & Daughter’s Webcam Show

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    Mom & Daughter’s Webcam Show

    Fifi is a webcam model without her mom’s knowledge. Excited, Fifi pats the bed and tells her to come sit down.

    “And people are tipping us, so we’re making money!” Fifi explains to her mom. Mom shyly waves at the camera, and after a few seconds, one of Fifi’s chat room members wants a private.

  • My Niece is an Escort!?

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    My Niece is an Escort!?

    Payton is a business woman who frequently stays at a hotel away from her husband. After having a couple glasses of wine, she picks up the phone and calls an escort agency. A few hours later, her escort, Fifi, knocks on the glass door, and Payton sweetly says, “It’s open, babe, come in.” Fifi closes the door behind her, and when she turns around, sees her aunt looking back at her.

  • Busted!: Fucking My Horny, Jealous Mom

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    Busted!: Fucking My Horny, Jealous Mom

    As I grew older, I found myself attracted to my step-sister, and whenever we had the chance, we would sneak off to have quick, heated moments, and then we would have to pretend nothing happened. I don’t know how it really started, or what caused it to happen, but we often found ourselves on each other’s bodies, moaning with pleasure until we both got off. We were relieved to hear that she was finally going out on a date night with Dad.