• The Dating Site

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    The Dating Site

    Nikki has given in and decided to join a new dating website. She browses the endless profiles of singles around her area, and is surprised to find a couple of attractive guys that seem to fit her needs.

    She smiles at her too good to be true find, and decides to send him a message, “How are you doing today?” Things seem to be off to a good start until the man on the other end asks her for nudes. All of a sudden, her eyes start fluttering and her head shakes, forcing her head up, and something takes over her body.

    “You gonna report me.

  • Man Transforms into Woman – The Obsession feat. Nadia White

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    Man Transforms into Woman – The Obsession feat. Nadia White

    Man transforms into a woman – Since I was inside her body, I decided I better make good use of it. Who knows who might show up. Did she even have a boyfriend? I never saw one. Oh, I hope she was a lesbian. I laid down, spread her legs, and circled her small fingers against her clit. This feeling…this sensation…it made me twitch with pleasure.  When man transforms into woman and masturbates, the orgasms are so much more intense than as a man. I had never felt anything like it before.

    I couldn’t help but let out soft moans as her body filled with pleasure.

  • An Inside Look into the Supernatural

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    An Inside Look into the Supernatural

    This clip is packed with sound effects and special effects for a more enjoyable and realistic experience. Because of her obsession with these unknown spirits, she’s found herself at one of the world’s most haunted hotels. A few moments later, something drags her body down the bed, and she freaks out, attempting to get herself together.