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  • Just a Little Crush

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    Just a Little Crush

    Nyxon has a huge crush on her nerdy classmate, Aiden. Whenever she can manage to squeeze in extra time with him, she doesn’t waste the opportunity. As Nyxon is studying the remote, she hears a knock on the door, and then hears Aiden holler from the other room, “Come in!” Fifi walks in, another one of Nyxon’s classmates, and Nyxon gives her a dirty look, “Why are you here?”

    The girls hate each other, well-aware of one another’s crush on Aiden.

  • Pussy Whipped

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    Pussy Whipped

    My way of punishing my son may be unconventional, but I mean well. He’s lazy, messy, and disrespectful, but he knows I won’t tolerate it.

    I came home to finish some reports with my colleague, Leilani, only to find my son making a disgusting mess on the couch. Leilani was dumbfounded, but this was his usual punishment.

  • Dad’s Sex Punishment

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    Dad’s Sex Punishment

    “Fuck, what did you get on your report card?” Fifi asks her best friend, Mina. Both girls have been failing all of their classes, and Fifi is worried that the school has called her dad about it. When Fifi hears a loud, hard knock at the door, she panics and tells Mina to hide.

  • Mommy Disciplines a Stealing Son

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    Mommy Disciplines a Stealing Son

    I yelled for my son to come into the room, and demanded that he empty his pockets. He tried to deny it when I called him out on it, and that only upset me more. “Over the knee,” I demanded.

  • Tongue and Spit Punishment for Panty Thief Brother

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    Tongue and Spit Punishment for Panty Thief Brother

    I’ve had enough. This was the last pair of panties I was going to find in my brother’s room. I got over top of him and ran my tongue hard against his face.