• The Robot Companion

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    Aiden is a lonely scientist who has developed his own loyal companion. Throughout the years, the scientist began to develop feelings for the artificial intelligence beyond his control.

    Being committed to the relationship with the fembot, he treats her like a girlfriend, and has come back from celebrating their anniversary. He tells her to lie down on the table, which she is happy to do for him, and then strips her down.

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  • Programming Perfection: My StepSon Deserves The Best

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    BellaBot was obedient, replying, “Yes, Master” after every command. I continued to instruct and supervise her, but saw something my StepSon might question. Her slow, jagged movements were obvious, and I didn’t want my StepSon to suspect a thing. I had a new task for her; I wanted her to mimic my human-like movements. The way I moved my arms, my legs, even my hips–she needed to really sell herself to my boy.

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  • Corrupted Chip Implant Prô​grams Female Doctor Into A Porn Robot

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    Once he’s seen enough, Aiden attempts to remove the malfunctioning chip. He reaches for it, but accidentally short circuits it as he does. “Error, error, error, error.” Dr. Foxx gets up and begins to malfunction. Her words are repeated, “Mal- mal- mal- mal- malfunction.”

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