• Give Me an A!: Cheerleader Sucks and Fucks for a Better Grade

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    Please select “preview” underneath the GIF to see the HD quality of the video. I don’t understand why he couldn’t just write me an “A” for his class so we both could carry on with our lives. I had cheerleading practice, I wanted to get my hair and nails done…I had a lot to do.

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  • Family Time Double Footjob

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    We moved our feet in different ways, stroking and playing with his hard cock. My stepbrother looked like he was in heaven. I kept seeing pre-cum ooze from his cock, and I had to touch it. I stretched it out on my finger, and giggled with stepmom. Stepmom asked if she should get some lube, and when she was gone, I stroked my stepbrother with the sides of my feet.

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  • Stepdâughter Needs Her Filthy Mouth Cleaned: Mouthsoaping and BJ Punishment

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    Stepd​â​d a confused look, and he proceeds to explain that whores have filthy mouths because they’re always sucking cock. He drags her down to the floor, firmly gripping her ear, and orders her to take off his pants. Fifi is hesitant, but Stepd​â​d commands her to suck his cock.

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  • A Sleepless Night With My Stepbrôther

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    I was relaxed until I felt the bed shaking. I turned on my lamp to find my stepbrother masturbating. I know we’re getting older, but UGH, we’re sharing a bed!… I don’t want to know he’s jerking it right beside me.

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