• An Inside Look into the Supernatural

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    An Inside Look into the Supernatural

    This clip is packed with sound effects and special effects for a more enjoyable and realistic experience. Because of her obsession with these unknown spirits, she’s found herself at one of the world’s most haunted hotels. A few moments later, something drags her body down the bed, and she freaks out, attempting to get herself together.

  • Inside Stepmommy

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    Inside Stepmommy

    I woke up after a few hours, and opened my eyes to painted fingernails. No way. Holy sh*t, it worked! I was in StepMom’s body. I had to see it. I quickly unbuttoned my top, and squeezed her beautiful breasts. Oh god, I could finally touch those pretty titties I used to suckle upon. I ran my tongue across her nipple. Ha, StepMom–you can’t tell me not to touch you now!

    It really, REALLY worked. I unzipped my pants, and pulled them down. My legs were so smooth. Oh, StepMommy…you shaved that pretty, little pussy of yours. It felt so good to touch. I squeezed and smacked my ass, and remembered how you used to smack my hands if I touched you. I always wanted to touch you in the most naughtiest of places.

  • Taboo Game Night: Stripped

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    Taboo Game Night: Stripped

    Each of us were desperately trying to win, but winning the rounds was pure luck. We had no idea what cards we were being dealt. Needless to say, we were all naked by the end of the game, stripped of all our clothing, and expose our naked bodies to one another. And oh God, the “tasks” the losers had to do…you have no idea. They were so embarrassing, but awesome when I made everyone else do them.

  • My Job Is To Reprogram Malfunctioning Robots

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    My Job Is To Reprogram Malfunctioning Robots

    Their movements were out of control, glitching and shaking, and FifiBot’s speech seemed to have gotten worse. “Look at my perfect- perfect- per- per- per- per- perfect chest.” WhitneyBot’s voice sounded like it was almost vibrating, and her head movements were everywhere. The robots were competing for my attention. Their modes were going in and out, so I needed to test out their new chips.

  • My Stepson’s Secret Fembots

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    My Stepson’s Secret Fembots

    With nowhere else to search, I opened the closet door, and saw, what I thought, were two beautiful women. They stared straight ahead, blank looks on their faces, and remained frozen. A chip was set perfectly on their chest, and they were dressed very similar. I thought maybe the control I pressed had turned them on, so I pressed it again, and one of the robots walked towards me in a very jagged-like movement. “Hello, Master.” The second robot proceeded to follow the first, repeating the same phrase. “What can I do for you?” they asked.

  • Sensually Blowing Huge Bubbles While Stripping For You

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    Sensually Blowing Huge Bubbles While Stripping For You

    After a while, I stand up, and move my body for you, still blowing bubble after bubble. I give you a very slow, sensual striptease, twisting my fingers in my panties, and the gum on my finger. The bubbles become bigger, and I smile with delight as the gum becomes stickier, and little bits stick to my face.

  • 2 Girl Sexual Belly Rubbing And Cumming

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    2 Girl Sexual Belly Rubbing And Cumming

    Lilyth’s weight presses down on me, covering my whole body with her enormous belly. I run my fingertips softly against her thick rolls, and she breathes gently, closing her eyes in pleasure. Her folds are beautiful, and so squishy, that I can’t resist the temptation to run my hands up her entire stomach.

  • 19 yo Petite Lesbians Sensually Kissing In Hot Tub

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    19 yo Petite Lesbians Sensually Kissing In Hot Tub

    She tastes so good as I rub my tongue against hers, and run my hands across her neck and cheeks. The steam from the hot tub heats our bodies, and I move the wet hair from my face.