• The Contest

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    The Contest

    This is a custom video. This is a very fun, cute, and silly video – the girls had a lot of fun, and had great chemistry!

    The scene opens with Catherine and Gia standing and discussing how a HUGE fetish client wants to order a bunch of custom videos, but the catch is he only needs one of them to appear in the videos and can’t decide between them, so he wants them to do a video that’ll function as an audition to help him choose.They mention that he likes three fetishes – wedgies, camel toe, and wet and messy, so they need to showcase each in the audition video. This will continue until one of them has won 7 rounds, and the ultimate loser also gets a special extra wet and messy punishment at the end.They both gloat about how they’re going to win, and take time to say friendly but competitive things like “this ass doesn’t know quit” and “you think this butt can’t take it,” all the while showing off their butts to the camera, including while in close up.

  • The Super Bowl Bet

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    The Super Bowl Bet

    Fifi is gloating about a big Super Bowl bet she won. “It’s time to pay up,” she says to her friend Terra. “Why do you think I have all of these pies here?” Having forgot that part of the bet, Terra is reluctant, “You mean I have to get pied 30 times in the face?” Fifi explains that she will only be pieing her 15 times, which makes Terra happy, but then tells her that she has to pie herself 15 times as well.

  • The 2 Girl Pie Party

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    The 2 Girl Pie Party

    Fifi is the maid to an extremely wealthy, ill-mannered woman. Because Payton is having a huge party, she’s asked Fifi to bake her 48 pies for her guests. Payton ignores her request, and instead, blows smoke into her face from her cigarette.

  • The Pie Treatment: 48 Pies for Flawless, Glowing Skin!

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    The Pie Treatment: 48 Pies for Flawless, Glowing Skin!

    “So, you heard about our new treatment…are you excited?” Fifi asks, walking around her new, anxious client. “This isn’t on the market yet,” she tells Whitney. She walks off to the table, grabs a creampie, and then smashes it into Whtiney’s face.