• Double Squashing the Roommate

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    Double Squashing the Roommate

    Ivy and Wood are gorging with some of their roommate’s delicious, sugary food. Even though there is a clear, bold writing of “AIDEN’S, DO NOT EAT,” the two girls stuff their face with his doughnuts and wash it down with his creamer.

    When Aiden comes back, he immediately notices the two girls cramming the food down their throats. The two girls squash him, bouncing their tremendous weight onto his tiny body.

  • Quinn Squashes Her Stealing, Lying Brother

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    Quinn Squashes Her Stealing, Lying Brother

    “Where’s my phone?” Quinn asks her little brother as she barges through his bedroom door. Not only has Aiden stolen her phone, but he’s been going through it, telling Dad about Quinn’s provocative pictures.

    “You lost your phone?” he asks her, slowly slipping it underneath his blankets. After playing stupid for a minute while Aiden lies, Quinn gets frustrated, and grabs her brother’s legs and pulls him down.

    “Tell me where the phone is,” she says, putting all her weight down onto her tiny brother.