• Amazon Land

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    Amazon Land

    Amazon Land – a world dictated by the biggest, meanest, dominant, giant women. You, among several other tiny men, were caught walking their land, and now you’ve been shoved into a tiny container where you can hardly move or breathe.

    Occasionally, one of the amazons will come to the jar, take their pick, and you’ll never see that little person again. Why men?

    “How are you guys all doing in there?” Velma asks as she shakes the crammed container.

  • Pet or Snack?

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    Pet or Snack?

    “Fuck, I dropped my earring, and I have no idea where it went,” Fifi’s panicked voice echos as she paces back and forth. It’s a little diamond,” she asks her friends.

    Living in a house full of giant women, you’ve made sure to make a secret, safe place for yourself underneath their couch. Unfortunately, while dodging Fifi’s big fingers, you’ve accidentally exposed yourself.

    “What is that under there?” Qandisa asks, and suddenly now you’re in front of five beautiful giantesses.

  • 3 Starving Giantesses & Only 1 Meal

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    3 Starving Giantesses & Only 1 Meal

    Please click “preview” underneath the GIF to see the HD quality of the clip. “Ugh, I’m so hungry,” a voice says, echoing through the room. She holds her growling stomach until she catches a glimpse of you.