• Son’s First Erection

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    What happened. Your pee-pee never did this before, and you weren’t sure what to do – what if it never went away. Your pants and underwear were down when you rushed into Mom’s bedroom, Mom was half-way dressed, but you were scared – what was this…thing.

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  • Mom Brainwashed & Fucked By Son

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    My girlfriend, Fifi, and I had been dating for a few months, and we still were at that shy, awkward, no sex stage. “Just take your top off,” I told her. She blushed, afraid my mom might hear us, but after a little convincing, she actually did it.

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  • Stepmom Teaches Son – Learning from the Best Nikki Brooks

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    It was embarrassing. You haven’t been out of your room the entire day,” Mom says walking into your room. You’re sure Mom had a kiss when she was your age, but she insists that it’s not about who does it first or who does it last, but who does it the best.

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  • Nikki Brooks Sharing a Bed with StepMom

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    You gasp as you wake up from a terrible nightmare you were having. Your body is cold sweating, you’re scared, and instead of staying in a dark room by yourself, you seek comfort from your mom. “Come in,” she says half asleep when you knock on her bedroom door.

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  • Brainwashing for a Better Family: Taking Control of Mom

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    Please hit “preview” underneath the GIF to see the HD quality of the video. At first, I didn’t understand what was going on. Mom blushed, her fingers pressed against the phone, as she giggled to some stranger on the other line.

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  • Caught Redhanded: Family Double Handjob

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    My stepbrother, Aiden, and I have a bad habit of fooling around. I know, I know…it probably sounds disgusting, or morally wrong, but we’re young. She was completely taken back.

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  • Blackmailing StepMommy

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    I was rummaging through the old, boxed stuff in the attic when I came across Stepmommy’s little secret. I could have sworn that the picture on the cover looked just like her, so I threw it into the DVD player, and started watching it. She immediately dropped the laundry basket, and tried to grab the remote from my hand.

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  • Taboo Game Night: Stripped

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    Each of us were desperately trying to win, but winning the rounds was pure luck. We had no idea what cards we were being dealt. Needless to say, we were all naked by the end of the game, stripped of all our clothing, and expose our naked bodies to one another. And oh God, the “tasks” the losers had to do…you have no idea. They were so embarrassing, but awesome when I made everyone else do them.

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  • Family Time Double Footjob

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    We moved our feet in different ways, stroking and playing with his hard cock. My stepbrother looked like he was in heaven. I kept seeing pre-cum ooze from his cock, and I had to touch it. I stretched it out on my finger, and giggled with stepmom. Stepmom asked if she should get some lube, and when she was gone, I stroked my stepbrother with the sides of my feet.

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  • Busted! My Stepmom and Stepbrother Took My Virginity

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    My stepbrother was SO turned on. He wanted to stick it inside of me, and Stepmom wanted to see it. Aiden pulled me closer, and slid his cock into me slowly. It was overwhelming, and my pussy lips wrapped right around him. Mom held me, and admired her son’s thrusting…she loved it.

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  • Double Footjob On My Stepbrother’s Cock With Stepmom

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    Stepmom and I even helped each other out. I would hold his cock with the sole of my foot, and Stepmom would use hers to stroke him. We took turns exploring his cock with every part of our feet. I’ve never seen my stepbrother so desperate to cum before.

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  • I Swapped Bodies With Stepm​ô​m!

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    After a long night, he sits up, yawning, and stretching out. As he stretches, he gasps as he sees a boob bulging from the side of his shirt. He quickly grabs the mirror by the bedside, panicked from his feminine gasp. When he looks into the hand mirror, he sees his stepm​ô​m as his reflection. “Oh my god. What happened? Oh, no. No, no, no. Oh my god.

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