stripped down

  • Exposed for Money

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    Exposed for Money

    “Alright, come on…wakey, wakey,” the k1dnapper says to his new victim. He gently touches her face, and her eyes roll as she tries to regain composure. Her eyes widen as she sees the unfamiliar face in front of her, “What do you want?”

    She is terrified as he begins talking to the camera, telling Mom and Dad back home that he’s got their daughter.

  • Parental Supervision

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    Parental Supervision

    As a parent, it is my responsibility to make sure my little girl isn’t doing anything inappropriate. While her father and I searched her room, we came across her diary. Fortunately enough, she hadn’t been using any illegal substances, but she was performing a numerous of sexual acts with boys.

    Krystal needed a talk.

  • Blackmailed by the Boss

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    Blackmailed by the Boss

    “Sorry for showing up to your house like this,” he explains, “but I had something very important to discuss with you.” He shows her a set of files that prove 4000 dollars have been taken from the company’s tax accounts.

    “Do you know what happened to that money?” he asks. Surprised that she actually got caught, Alexis explains how she needed the money for her high rent, amongst other expensive bills.

  • The Cocktail Waitress

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    The Cocktail Waitress

    Based on a true story. After getting into some legal trouble, Whitney decides that she needs to pick up some fast cash. Although not particularly fond of the idea, she goes to a local stripclub that she heard is hiring for attractive cocktail waitresses.

    Whitney enters the manager’s office and begins explaining her situation.

  • A Casting Call for Nudity

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    A Casting Call for Nudity

    Lylah is a naive, self-driven young lady whose dream is to become Hollywood’s next big actress. Although she’s never been called back from a casting call, she continues to chase her dreams of being in the spotlight. She arrives at the house of a shady “producer,” who really has nothing to do with film or producing.