• Girl Entranced And Does Controlled Striptease and Masturbation Under Trance


    Nyxon has been hired as Aiden’s tutor. She’s a busty MILF with huge tits. She takes her top off and throws it to the ground.

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  • Malfunctioning…Strippers?!

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    POV is the best man to his best friend’s wedding. Intending to give the groom a bachelor party to remember, he orders two strippers to dance for the group of boys.

    However, because POV is so determined to make sure everything goes perfect, he has the two ladies show up a week before the big party. “Mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-mal-fun-ction,” Fifi stutters as her body moves uncontrollably.

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  • The Cocktail Waitress

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    Based on a true story. After getting into some legal trouble, Whitney decides that she needs to pick up some fast cash. Although not particularly fond of the idea, she goes to a local stripclub that she heard is hiring for attractive cocktail waitresses.

    Whitney enters the manager’s office and begins explaining her situation.

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