switch bodies

  • The Perfect Vessel

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    The Perfect Vessel

    Her spirit began to possess Ludella’s body, and Ludella gasped, her eyes rolling, as she attempted to fight back. She fell on the bed, twisting and turning, but after a minute, my girlfriend had taken over.

    Her voice was sweet and seductive as she offered to keep switching bodies until I found the perfect girl. “We can make a game of it,” she smiled. She exposed her body slowly, giving me an incredible and irresistible striptease, and I was hardly able to control myself. I wanted to ravish her right then and there, and she knew it.

  • Mom And Son Body Switch MTF

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    Mom And Son Body Switch MTF

    Aiden is a young man who is starting to get really curious about the female body. His mother is single and doesn’t know how to have “the talk” with him. His mom gets noticeably uncomfortable, and Aiden laughs about it, already aware of how she’s going to respond.