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  • Time Stop Watch: Kitty Catherine Frozen and Fucked

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    Time Stop Watch: Kitty Catherine Frozen and Fucked

    Kitty Catherine is on-call today while he is traveling. He calls for his young assistant Kitty to help him with something. Time Stop
    Here’s the thing about the watch.

  • The Frozen Session

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    The Frozen Session

    One of our best freeze videos yet!

    “Let’s just get this over with,” Fifi tells her husband as they step into the therapist’s office. Their marriage has been rocky ever since Fifi has been experiencing mysterious “unique” issues, and in a desperate attempt to get answers, Fifi has insisted they get therapy.

    Fifi is embarrassed as she explains to the therapist that she’s found herself forgetting fragments of time, and sometimes feels as if her clothes disappear. He takes turns between the two ladies, freezing and unfreezing them, and watches as they scream when they notice they’ve been undressed.

  • The Frozen Getaway

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    The Frozen Getaway

    Whitney and Fifi are on a mini getaway. When they enter their hotel room, they laugh at the half-made bed, and notice the tiny toy guns on the table next to them.

    Fifi picks up the red and blue guns and points them in the air, “They probably make some stupid sound.” She points the blue gun at Whitney in a playful way, “Hands up!” Whitney plays along, but when Fifi pulls the toy trigger, Whitney actually freezes into place!

    “That’s really funny. Fifi points the red gun at her, and Whitney unfreezes, completely disoriented and confused about what’s happened.

  • Frozen Family

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    Frozen Family

    I could hear them fighting in the other room. My mom and sister always got into heated arguments about stupid stuff. I started to pose and manipulate their limbs, making them do silly gestures to one another as if they liked each other.

    I was able to do whatever I wanted.