• Family Double Footjob

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    My brother, Aiden, and I have a secret relationship. And before you ask, no…our mom has no idea. “Feet, huh.

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  • Double Footjob Sleepover

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    Tonight was my big sleepover. I was nervous about asking him out, but Mina insisted, saying I should ask him in a letter. I asked Mina if she had seen my socks, but she couldn’t remember.

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  • Double Footjob with Mom and Her MILF Friend Payton Hall

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    I couldn’t think of a better way to end the day but with a glass of wine with my beautiful friend, Payton. I asked my son, Aiden, to rub my feet, and with a little smile and persistence, he agreed. Our feet ached from a long day of high heels, and his fingers made us relax.

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  • Family Time Double Footjob

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    We moved our feet in different ways, stroking and playing with his hard cock. My stepbrother looked like he was in heaven. I kept seeing pre-cum ooze from his cock, and I had to touch it. I stretched it out on my finger, and giggled with stepmom. Stepmom asked if she should get some lube, and when she was gone, I stroked my stepbrother with the sides of my feet.

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