• Exposed for Money

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    “Alright, come on…wakey, wakey,” the k1dnapper says to his new victim. He gently touches her face, and her eyes roll as she tries to regain composure. Her eyes widen as she sees the unfamiliar face in front of her, “What do you want?”

    She is terrified as he begins talking to the camera, telling Mom and Dad back home that he’s got their daughter.

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  • Hang in There, Detective

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    In a desperate attempt to talk to her suspect, she waits until dark to catch him at home. He comes up behind her and places a chl0roform rag over her nose and mouth. Her eyes roll and flutter, and she falls limp into his arms.

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  • Pain with a Little Bit of Pleasure: Dental Torture and Blowjob

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    “Mr. Valentine, if you’ll follow me this way,” the dentist says, leading her patient into the operatory. After placing a plastic mouth gag into the patient’s mouth and putting a dental bib over his neck, she examines his teeth.

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  • Tongue and Spit Punishment for Panty Thief Brother

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    I’ve had enough. This was the last pair of panties I was going to find in my brother’s room. I got over top of him and ran my tongue hard against his face.

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