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  • Body Switch – Like Mother, Like Son

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    Body Switch – Like Mother, Like Son

    One of our best body swap clips ever. “Look, please…I’m begging you,” Whitney pleads on the phone, “one more week – just one more week.” Ever since Whitney’s husband left her, she’s been trying to pay everything herself, all while raising her son as a single parent.

    She pleads with the bank not to take her house, promising to pay them in a short, timely manner, but has no idea how she’s going to do it. “You know Mommy’s working two jobs to keep this roof over our heads, and…looks like I might have to be working a third one,” she begins to explain to her son.

  • XChange Pills: 2 Guys Turn Into 2 Girls

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    XChange Pills: 2 Guys Turn Into 2 Girls

    XChange Pill

    After a minute, we managed to calm down. Had these pills really transformed us into…girls? Maybe this wasn’t so bad. We started to explore everything. Our bodies were so different, and it was crazy. I squeezed his ass, and he squeezed mine. It was such a turn on. I was actually touching my friend that was now a hot chick.