Wall of Shame

Fifi Foxx tops the list on the wall of shame for the atrocities she’s committed against our company, it’s owner, and his friends. She used to be part of the company until she decided to stab the owner in the back and attempt to control him like a psychopath. She got jealous because he got a girlfriend. What happened after she was fired for messaging his GF was about the worst thing she could possibly do to us. She attempted to #metoo the owner out of revenge and jealousy. Further rubbing salt in the wounds she caused by her narcissistic abuse committed against our owner throughout the years. Openly, and outspokenly leading a smear campaign that lasted from 2018 into mid-2019 until the last of her friends stopped believing her. Words can’t describe how badly she embarrassed herself yet she lacks self awareness. The collateral damage was enormous. An incalculable amount of damage has been done to priceless business relationships & friendships, public image, fame, and other assets.

FifiFoxx.com has been memorialized and serves as the centerpiece of our payback. Some might get away with what she did, but not her. An example had to be made and the bar has been set. Her name will forever be tarnished by her own actions. She hung herself in the gallows with her own words. Justice had to be served in this extraordinary case. The internet never forgets, remember that; we will never forget. Aiden’s gone through self-help video after video to recover from the emotional trauma dealt by this bitch. Her true colors only showed after the business relationship ended. Be extremely careful when dealing with Fifi Foxx, and God help you if you are friends with her. She’s a thief, drug addict, backstabber, and malignant narcissist who’s ego has gotten wildly out of control since she started in this industry. She’s so delusional she claims she did “all the work” for this entire company, and has even tried to lay claim to every penny of our money, ever since she’s been fired — she’s that entitled. Aiden is the one who taught her everything she knows about running a porn studio, she was his apprentice and partner. She got addicted to drugs and started wreaking havoc on Aiden’s life, so he kicked her out of their house. That’s what he did to her. You know the rest. We deserve better.

Nicky Rebel AKA Ricky Evers tried to blackmail us into posting a tweet on Twitter saying we were spying on Fifi Foxx using her twitter account. Which was true — she gave us app permissions to do it. What we saw was her and Nicky plotting out something evil. To steal part (or all) of XXXMultimedia, if it wasn’t more sinister. He’s also emotionally and mentally abused one of my models after he was fired and blocked from working with our company. He was snooping all around my business and shoots and being obnoxious about stalking me on Twitter, so he got blocked, then tried to blackmail me because he was butthurt and offended. Obviously one of Fifi’s flying monkeys and could not be trusted, deal with it big guy — I paid you thousands of dollars in shoots.